About Community Credits

About Community Credits

Community Credits are a brand new unique currency that individuals and organisations can earn for doing good.

They can be earned by donating money, giving gifts in kind, fundraising, or volunteering your skills and time.

They are yours for life, and will increase with activity to provide individuals with award levels that will ward you with gifts you choose from our partners. These are a thank you for your good work, and might be cinema tickets or restaurant vouchers.

Compare to others, compete against others or teams within your business, and have fun doing great work that benefits our communities and the people within.

What are Community Credits™?

Whenever you use the site to donate money, give an item to a good cause, or volunteer yourself, then you will gain Community Credits™. These act as a counter, or a measurement of the good work that you have done.

Can they be spent or converted to real money?

No, Community Credits™ have no exchange value in the shops. They act to show you, your friends, employers, and others just what amount of selfless giving you have done.

Can I give them to someone else?

No, the credits you earn belong to you and cannot be transferred, given or sold to anyone else.

So why bother?

Community Credits™ allow you to show just who you are. It is a measurement of the good deeds you’ve done in the community. Without them you only have your own word, maybe some photos or at best, a statement from the good cause. This way you can prove the good work, and by having Community Credits™ you can compare yourselves to others.

What would I use them for?

If you are ever looking for a new job; include them on your CV as it shows the “get up and go” and supports your character statement in job-seeking. If you are applying to become a University student, include them in your personal statement and show your efforts in a standard comparable way – stand out from the crowd!

If you are a business, take out an annual membership to amalgamate your staff community credits™ to show how you as a business support your community (for causes supported in work time of course!). This can be used to attract new staff or showcase your company to potential and existing customers. They can also provide a standard measure to compare to your competitors or others across sectors.

If you’re unlucky enough to be unemployed, then do something to plug the CV gap, volunteer and help out, earn Community Credits™ and use this to help to get that next great job.

Do they ever expire?

No, they stay with you for life – as a testimony to all of the community work you have ever done. A real measure of your HUMANITY.

What incentive is there apart from comparing with friends, and showcasing myself?

Community Credits™ will shortly have “Levels” a bit like a game. When you reach a new level, you can choose from a gift or a money-off discount voucher which will be donated by member businesses. So pick a gift as a special thank you and recognition of your hard work and generosity. Then work towards the next level – it’s great fun and very fulfilling.

I did some volunteering and donated money recently, can I count that please?

Sorry, we only count work that is done through the IIC site, as this is verified and visible. So well done for what you have done in the past, now bring your good work onto the platform and start earning Community Credits™.

Where else can I earn Community Credits?

Community Credits™ are owned and administered ONLY on the IIC site. There is nowhere else you can go to credit your personal account with Credits.

What happens if my good cause isn’t listed on the site?

All they need to do is register, and it’s completely FREE for them. Click here for an explanation to help them. If they have any questions, ask them to contact us and we will talk them through. Once the Good Cause is visible, which may take up to 48 hours, then simply connect to their project and do what you do!

If I want to volunteer or donate money outside of working hours, do I have to link this to my employer?

No, you can simply use the click option to confirm that this is you- on your own, or you can CHOOSE to code to your employer, or indeed any other group you choose to be a member of. (You can only link to one other group at a time) But remember, linking to another group such as your employer simply means they can count them on their own dashboard, but the points you earn stay in your account forever.

Will there be league tables?

Yes, we will be constructing league tables for individuals, also allowing business departments or locations to compete with each other.

We will be holding an annual celebratory dinner to applaud and award those who excel and exceed. Why don’t you be one of them?

We are on the lookout for the amazing YOU. Be everything you can be.

Start earning today – doing good together