Newsletter – May 17

Investors in Community are pleased to keep you informed of our progress via this monthly newsletter.

The site is now fully operational in every way, bringing together businesses, individuals and charities in your locale.

Start giving your time, your gifts and your money to the expanding number of projects that are already listed and earn Community Credits™ every time you give.

For Individuals:

If you have already registered but haven’t yet set your personal preferences, please go to your dashboard and complete your profile. If you want to set your giving to automatically gain GIFT AID, then please complete the address and DOB fields before you tick the gift aid box to allow us to claim on your behalf, and increase your net giving on all cash donations. This information is encrypted and will NEVER be passed to any third party, so you are in a safe place.

Please spread the word. Even if you are not linked to an employer organisation, you can still use the site – for free. Tell your friends and family, and use IIC to ensure that more of your donation reaches the intended charity or project we, unlike other sites, do not deduct any money from your donations.

For Charities and Community Causes:

Please register as individuals, then follow the links to set up a Good Cause. Once you have done this, you are able to launch as many projects as you like to attract help, funding, volunteers or gifts. Simply list your needs, and launch an UNRESTRICTED number of projects – don’t forget, it’s all completely FREE, supported by our business membership subscriptions

For Businesses:

If you haven’t yet joined IIC as an annual member, then WE NEED YOU. Your membership allows the charities and individuals to use this site for free. At 83p per month per employee this is a great way to engage staff, prove your business has a community heart and reap the benefits of targeted giving.

National Launch

Although the site is fully operational right now, and all functions are working, we haven’t yet shouted about it to the wider world. On 5th Jun we close down our preferential membership of “Founder Members” permanently displayed on our founder member page .  We then plan to launch in the national press, focused around a London, Derbyshire, Leeds triple launch week. Take part in this market push and become known as a founder member, by contacting Ross Shipman at We will work in close collaboration with 7 Investment Management, Costa, Legal and General, East Midlands Chamber and others. This is a great opportunity to help us to help you to help our community good causes, and will result in national exposure if you join us before the 31st May 2017.

We are officially launching on 5th June 2017.

In the coming quarter we expect to on-board around 15,000 employees and individuals associated with IIC. If you are a charity, or know of a charity or good cause that could benefit from help from this number of people all across the UK, please pass this email on and share the good news.
See what you get here

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch, share our social media updates, follow us and be part of the new wave in supporting those who need help.

Join the giving revolution today, and help us realise the vision of “Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things”.

We will keep you updated in the next few weeks.