Create A New Organization

Create A New Organization

As an individual you are able to create and administer groups on this site. A group takes two forms:

1. A Giving Organisation
This usually relates to your Company or business, and you would set this up to create a public profile for your business, collate Community Credits from all of your employees and showcase your giving. Click here to create a new giving organisation (an annual membership applies). To find out more about setting up a giving organisation click here.

2. Subteams
Once you have set up your main Giving Organisation (company) then you are able to set up as many subteams to this organisation as you need. Usually your subteams will relate to offices or locations, or even functions within your company. Use your subteams to either measure and compare (everyone likes to compete!) or to establish local presence. To set up your subgroups you follow the same process as you used to set up your Giving Organisation and then select the subgroup of dropdown to create your team.Click here to set up your subgroup.


COMING SOON – set up a Fundraising organisation
In the next release of this site, we will be using subteams to create internal FUNDRAISING functionality, allowing your teams to virtually collaborate to raise funds, from dress down Fridays, to a good cause support

Create a new Good Cause organisation (this is free) – once this is done, you can create unlimited community projects. This relates to a good cause that wants help and will only ever be a recipient on this site from giving organisations click here or see our FAQ’s for more details.