FAQ Business Members

FAQ Business Members

What is business membership?

This is the ability to join the IIC platform on an annual subscription basis to enjoy the considerable benefits from a business membership.

What benefits do I get?

Being a business who is a member allows you to link to all of your participating staff. Using this link they can copy your business with the Community Credits™ they earn, and provide you with an increasing tally of the good work you have helped make happen by allowing your staff to volunteer or raise money for a good cause.

Your company dashboard shows what you have helped make happen, provides a real time report of activity by person, by good cause, by donations or volunteering, all on one simple screen.

It allows you to showcase your Community Credit™ total as a means to promote your business, improve employee engagement and attract and retain great and talented people.

You are also eligible to be invited to the annual celebration dinner and maybe win an award!

I’m only a very small business – does this work for me too?

Yes it does! It is a platform for everyone in our business community. You don’t have be a big company to make a huge difference. Our members already range from a major FTSE bank to a small business of just 7 staff.

So does this do all the reporting legwork for me?

Yes it does, saving your business time and money. You may already have internal counting processes that probably output to your accounts or your marketing department. IIC Platform not only provides you with details of all donations and volunteering done, by person, project and outcome, but you get Community Credits™ as well. Please view the Community Credits FAQ if you want more information on this.

Is it expensive?

No, we have priced this platform to be accessible to everyone. We charge just £10 per year for each person in your business, so a small company of say 6 people, costs only £60 per year. There are no annoying divisions using “employee banding” that causes a couple of extra people to push you into a higher price band – we think that’s unfair. So a simple and fair tariff of £10/year/person is our model.

Even better news if you employ over 1,950 staff, as every person above this level is not charged at the £10 rate, it reduces to just £1 per person per year. We think that’s fair and easy to understand.

How do I join?

Simply follow this link to select a Giving Organisation registration form. Complete the form, disclose the number of employees and use our payment gateway to complete the subscription. Really easy.