FAQ Good Causes

FAQ Good Causes

What is a Good Cause?

This is defined as a charity, an informal community group, a not for profit organisation engaged with helping others, a CIC or social enterprise. In short, it’s any group or organisation that helps others in a charitable sense.

How do I set one up on this site?

You use the action menu to select “create a group”. It’s completely free to do this. Select Good Cause from the dropdown menu and complete the form.

What happens then?

Once you have established the Good Cause group, you are free to set up as many projects as you want, again all free. The projects can be aimed at specific things in the community or a group of people needing help. See our help page “Help me to set up a project”.

Why do I need to set up a group to launch a project?

You need to set up the framework in order to show you are real, show details and give people a reason to support you. We also need bank details to pay donated money to you, and contact details for people to volunteer and give assets or gifts.

The group stays on the site forever, whilst the projects are set up and completed. Over time your good cause will be able to show the good work done and be known to people who want to support you.

Does all this come for free?

Yes, IIC business model makes using this site free of charge for all good causes, unlike other sites who either charge fees or deduct money from your donations. Because Businesses and employer organisations pay an annual membership, we make it possible for this to be accessible to every good cause for no charge.

What if I am just a small group in a village community?

No problem, you are a good cause. Think about the many things you may be able to do as a group, set yourselves up and launch projects in your village or local community. Don’t just focus on the project you need right now, think wider as a community and come together to help yourselves and help others. Groups who project themselves as an ongoing team are more likely to attract support for the many projects you think up in the years ahead. All you need is one person to act a the primary contact, and get started.

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