FAQ Individuals

FAQ Individuals

Who can join this site
Quite simply, everyone – from 13 years old upwards. It’s FREE to everyone. Get your friends and colleagues to join us and take part in the most exciting social revolution ever.

Why is it free?
Because we ask businesses and employer organizations to pay a nominal annual membership fee. This makes it possible for this site to operate free of charge for all individuals and free of charge to good causes and charities.

What can I do on this site?
You can set up your profile, a bit like any social media site. You are then able to search for a community project or a charity that you want to support. You can then help, by giving funds, volunteer your professional time (pro-bono) volunteer for general help, or give gifts or assets in kind

Why do I use this site as opposed to other giving sites?
Other sites charge the charities and good causes which reduces the value of what you have given. In addition, ONLY through this site will you be able to earn and collect COMMUNITY CREDITS, for every act of giving that you do. Compare to your friends, earn gifts when you reach certain levels and enjoy being an Investor In Community.

Can I give along with my friends and colleagues?
Absolutely yes! Find projects and give as a team, volunteer together and have fun or team build.

Can my employer join so that they can collect a copy of the community credits earned by all staff? Yes, just ask your employer to sign up as an individual, then set up a Giving Group, and then all staff can join together in this group and showcase how great your organization is.

Do I have to give something regularly?
No, you can choose when, how often and the type of giving at all times. You are completely in control.

Be part of the giving revolution and join us now.