I Am A Business

I Am A Business

If you are a business, a partnership, or any employer organisation then you are eligible to join Investors in Community as a founding member.

This allows you to create your own profile for the purpose of supporting or expanding your CSR activity, keep a track of your good work in the communities, engage all of your staff and compare your organisation to others.

We have tried to make this as inclusive to business of all sizes as possible, from a single trader to a multinational PLC.

To discuss the benefits of having a business membership with Investors In Community, please email enquiries@investorsincommunity.org or telephone 0207 993 8280 for an appointment with one of our New Business Executives.

Membership fees per annum:

Between 1 – 2000 employees is £10 , per employee, per annum (equivalent to just 83p per month per employee)

Above 2000 employees is £1 per employee, per annum

Before you do this, here is a short list of the points to consider:

The person setting up the organisation will become the main administrator to your group. They will have the authority to deal with your employees, handle money to donate to good causes, and be the person who will be the main contact point for this site. But don’t worry – you can always add more admins or change at any time. It’s easy!

You will automatically receive an invoice on completion by email. Please pass this to your finance person to settle your membership.

See our FAQs for more information.

For more about membership fees, please click here.

For a summary of what you get from this site, please click here.

Thank you for joining the growing number of businesses just like yours on IIC platform, and for helping us all to make a real difference in local communities.