Presenting Your Good Cause

Presenting Your Good Cause

A Good Cause is the controlling organization that you are able to set up once you have become registered as an Individual (free) on this site.

Simply click on the ACTION MENU on the LHS, select My Groups and create a Good Cause Organization.

You will be asked to register details that will launch a (free) Good Cause organization.

Once you have done this, you are able to create as many community or charity projects as you like, whenever you need help.

In creating your Good Cause, think about what you can do in the local community, or in the area you want to support. So if you are focused around a village community, give it a name that reflects this. Other people in your community can then request projects that need help under the same banner, rather than setting up a Good Cause for every different project.

Once you have set up your group, simply click on the LAUNCH PROJECT button and get started.


Think about the people who may be able to help your cause and provide information, photo’s even a short video to show what you are all about. The friendlier and more informative you are, the more likelihood of gaining support. If you have supporting documents such as health and safety information, planning diagrams, tools needed, specification of works needed, then upload them in the PROJECT

Good luck in your work, and if you have any questions, or need help, refer to our contact us page.